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If your home depends on a hot water heater to keep it warm in the winter or even uncharacteristically cool evenings, Duran HVAC Inc should be the first people you call if anything ever goes wrong. While they are known for their reliability, heating your home with a water heater system is only as reliable as the professionals you choose to install, maintain, repair and eventually replace them.

To get the most out of your water heater, the first step is to make sure Duran HVAC Inc’s fully licensed and extensively trained heating contractors are the only ones touching it. Not only are we the most qualified to provide the necessary maintenance, our customer service track record speaks for itself. Our priorities as a company are twofold:

  • Make sure we are doing everything in our power to get your home evenly and efficiently heated.
  • Earn your trust and respect.

Because Duran HVAC Inc gets so many calls from people distressed that their home’s heating has broken down, we know that clients can’t be left twiddling their shivering thumbs. They need assistance, urgently. With years of experience working with all brands of water heaters, when you need answers and solutions right away, you can count on Duran HVAC Inc to deliver.

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How Do Water Heaters Work?

Water heaters heat homes by forcing heated water through pipes that run throughout your home. If you have in-floor heating, these heated pipes run along the floor, which is why you feel the heat underfoot as you walk across the room.

If you don’t have in-floor heating, the heat from the pipes may be distributed through a baseboard heater or heat register, which will be above the floor and at the base of a wall. Of course, this is only in modern homes. Older homes are much more likely to give off heat from a large cast iron radiator mounted to the wall.

Water Heater Maintenance

To make sure that your water heater is heating your home with maximum efficiency, it requires regular maintenance. Even if you haven’t noticed any irregularities with your water heater, you shouldn’t skip getting it maintained. Our technicians can spot problems with your water heater in the early stages and provide preventative repairs to save you money in the long run.

Duran HVAC Inc can schedule regular checkups for your water heater system, providing affordable maintenance and inspection services so that there are no glaring issues as we move into cold weather.

Water Heater Installations

Sometimes repairing an older water heater just doesn’t make sense in terms of cost. Between the energy saving incentives of a new system and the cost of constant repairs, replacing an obsolete system is the best course of action.

If you think your home is ready to make the switch to a high efficiency water heater, give Duran HVAC Inc a call. We will gladly inspect and assess your current situation and provide you with a number of possible ways to proceed.

Just call us today with any questions or concerns regarding your water heater and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

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