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HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance Services

HVACs keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems serve a very important purpose and are, regrettably, very delicate. And once one component is unable to perform at its peak, it won’t be long before it starts affecting the performance of other key components. If left to snowball, you’ll either be looking at expensive repairs or even more expensive replacement costs in the near future all while being frustrated by inadequate heating and cooling throughout your home.

There are signs that your HVAC is faulty to be mindful of such as:

  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Strange odors
  • Leaks
  • High energy bills
  • Unusual sounds

The best way to avoid HVAC problems in the future is to provide it with professional maintenance services. Because HVAC systems are complex, sprawling and delicate, relying on a YouTube tutorial to get it back to peak efficiency is practically paving the way for more pricey repairs.

When you choose to hire one of Duran HVAC Inc’s certified technicians, all guesswork is removed from the maintenance process. They have all the necessary training and professional experience to carry out the necessary maintenance and you won’t have to worry about a catastrophic error or system failure due to any oversights on your part.

Repairing your HVAC system yourself isn’t just potentially harmful on your bank balance, but it also has some serious safety risks associated with it. If you try to provide maintenance to your HVAC system and aren’t familiar with the strict guidelines. Electric shock, carbon monoxide poison and Freon leaks are all potentially lethal outcomes of amateur repair jobs. Is that really worth the couple bucks you save?

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Heating Maintenance

Whenever your home’s heater isn’t getting the job done or if you want peace of mind before the cold weather comes back, contact Duran HVAC Inc. We can run diagnostic checks on your furnace or other heat source to make sure that it is operating to the manufacturer’s specifications, that there are no carbon monoxide emissions and that there are no hazardous materials affecting the performance of the furnace.

By the time we’re done with your home’s central heater, your system will be working as good as new.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Is there anything worse than suffering through a heat wave with a broken air conditioner? Once summer is on the horizon, give Duran HVAC Inc a call and we’ll gladly take a look at your air conditioner. Rather than wait for a rude awakening, let our professional air conditioning specialists take a look at it to make sure everything’s in working order. If there are any issues, we’ll quickly resolve them so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff this summer.

The importance of HVAC maintenance cannot be underestimated, which is why you need to call Duran HVAC Inc today.

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